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Summer 2014 Specialty Societies and Associations Initiative

Mobileyes specializes in Canadian medical associations and educators mobile app development and implementation. Our clients include the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canadathe College of Family Physicians and the Canadian Medical Association. In conjunction with the June 2014 release of our new Launchpad app system developed in close association with the Royal College, our mandate involves the standardization of medical apps to create seamless integration and cross functionality within the national medical app ecosystem.

The Summer 2014 Specialty Societies and Associations Initiative leverages the time and investment over five years to develop medical mobile app solutions to offer individual societies and associations an economy of scale model that is 100% compliant with the exciting new mobile platform. The Launchpad app performs complete back-end integration with real-time update and communication capabilities for public and membership websites, as well as educational credit tracking, metrics and analytics reports and paperless conference solutions. Each speciality society and association is eligible to receive access to this new software to integrate with existing mobile apps or to create a new mobile app for your members to benefit at the speed of innovation.

  • Conference App Solutions

  • Seamless Website Integration

  • Private Membership Access

  • 100% National Compliant Software

  • Full Admin Real-Time Content Updates

  • Data and Metrics Reports

  • Concierge App Management Services

  • Educational Credit Tracking Access

  • Automatic Upgrades

Our custom mobile apps public and private website integration with our trademark middleware that allows continuous real-time content updates. Your custom mobile app is developed using cutting-edge mobile software solutions to get you up and running for conferences, annual meetings, member updates, reports and more within a 4-6 week timeframe. To discover how your organization can benefit from mobile opportunities with the Summer 2014 Specialty Societies and Associations Initiative, please fill in the form below no later than June 27th, 2014.