You know that mobile connectivity has the potential to change the way you do business. Customers have a personal connection with companies who provide a great mobile app. Employees know that they can be more productive when they aren’t chained to a desk.

But sometimes you just don’t have the time, the resources, or the know-how to turn your ideas into reality.
When you need the perspective that experience, leadership, and management know-how bring to your challenges, we can help.

At Mobileyes, we understand that no two businesses are the same, and every piece of the puzzle is a little different.


Strategy. It is at the core of success. It defines how we will get from where we are to where we want to be.

And in today’s world, successful strategy demands that our leaders are on top of the business environment—the products, the people, the processes, the financials, and the operations—all of which are changing at an unprecedented pace.

Add to this the rapidly evolving digital landscape, which now includes ‘always on’ connectivity, mobile devices, mobile operating systems, and mobile apps, and the modern executive is left trying to understand a world that moves at the speed of the Internet.

Strategeyes is an app, a facilitated program, and a philosophical approach to innovation that will walk executives through the process of understanding the mobile fundamentals of their organization.

The outcome of this process is a dynamic conceptual design that lives via the Strategeyes App. It provides a GPS for business leaders to intelligently pursue a disciplined and consistent strategic direction while providing the ability to quickly adapt to evolving conditions.

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Digital Roadmap

If your strategy determines how you want to get from where you are now to where you want to be in the future, how do the people in your organization keep track of the path—particularly as they implement the digital systems that are now a core component in every business process.

The Digital Roadmap is the document that captures the strategic intent of the organization and presents it on a canvas that provides the path to success for digital transformation. It makes visible the steps that will be taken, when they will be taken, and the outcomes that are expected.

Mobile Strategy

Mobile devices are now driving half of all the traffic on the Internet, and there are no signs that this trend is going to slow any time soon.

And when people are on mobile devices, they are spending 80% of their time in apps. The native app environment has proven to be a better user experience than the mobile web browser. Consequently, users have been trained to avoid the mobile web browser —it is slower, it is inconsistent and unreliable, and it is frustrating for the end user when asked to deliver anything more complex than simple blocks of text.
With these facts in mind, do you have a plan to effectively include mobile access in your digital strategy? A plan that includes the capabilities that are unique to mobile devices, not just your website wedged into little browser?

Stakeholder Engagement

Whether creating a new product, a new strategic plan, a new physical space, a new organizational design, or a new mobile app, stakeholder engagement is a crucial piece of the solution.

The days of the lone genius, working out in the garage late into the night are long behind us. Creating success requires feedback from many sources beyond the executive group mapping out ideas during the two-day retreat: users, designers, support staff, sales, engineering, suppliers, vendors, architects, marketers, young and old, internal and external.

Mobile Asset Design

The design, delivery and maintenance of mobile apps require a unique perspective —one that many organizations don’t have. Some simply lack the resources to deliver yet one more digital asset. Others have mature technologies, but lack the mindset to embrace the new opportunities afforded by mobile devices and always-on connectivity. They are also unaccustomed to coping with the OS vendors for approval and distribution of their applications, not to mention an operating system landscape that is in continual flux.

Mobileyes Consulting, with our technology partners at Northern Apps, can guide you through the process from requirements gathering and analysis, to wireframes, design and development, and on through distribution and lifecycle support.

Learn more about this process on the Northern Apps website.

Policy Development

The mobile landscape has emerged and evolved so quickly that many executives and board members are utterly overwhelmed with the pace of change. Consequently, many organizations do not have —and don’t know how to create —effective policies for the mobile aspects of their firm that will support their mission and operations.

Mobileyes Consulting has the experience and the breadth of knowledge to appropriately address policy issues that will guide your organization, support fairness and transparency, and result in consistent and predictable decision-making.

Change Management

It has been estimated that 70% of all technology implementation projects fail. Your company doesn’t have the time or the resources to tolerate a failure rate this high.

Fortunately, there are well-understood steps that can be included in the project that will help people accept new technologies more quickly and adopt them into their daily workflow without the expected resistance and complaints.

CTO/CIO Services

The Board and the Executive Team all understand that technology holds the key to the future as information becomes increasingly digital and clients expect anytime-anywhere access to your services.

The real difficulty can come in finding qualified individuals who are as comfortable with new technologies as they are with the business fundamentals. More rare is the executive who can master those domains while communicating effectively and confidently in C-Suite and the Boardroom. Often, this person is only needed on short-term basis. Mobileyes can provide you with a voice of authority, clarity, and calm assurance as you wrestle with these strategy-defining decisions.

The solution often turns out more beautiful than the puzzle.

– Richard Dawkins

Sometimes you look at the pieces and they don’t make much sense.

It’s when you see the whole picture—then you understand how everything fits together.

If these are issues that are a challenge for you, contact us. Mobile, digital, innovation—it’s what we do.