1943 — war has overtaken the globe and North American manufacturing works relentlessly to produce the supplies needed to support the Allies.

In Burbank, California, Lockheed is approached to quickly develop a radical aircraft to combat the new German jet fighters.

Kelly Johnson is selected to head the effort. He knows that there is no room for a facility and no time for a bureaucracy, so he moves his small staff to a rented circus tent and outlines the rules that will let his team move fast and innovate without interference. Work begins four months before the contract is signed.

The XP-80 fighter jet is designed and built in 143 days.

And the Lockheed Skunk Works is born.

We are defined not by the technologies we create but by the process in which we create them.

– Kelly Johnson

Seventy years later and the Lockheed Skunk Works continue to produce the most innovative aircraft designs the world has ever seen. Because they don’t do things the expected way. They don’t let politics and bureaucracy drive decisions. And they know that conventional wisdom is the quickest path to failure.

Sometimes, successful innovation happens by accident, but repeatable and reliable innovation is never an accident. It can be taught.

But only to those who are ready to learn.

Take ‘No’ as a question.

– Mechai Viravaidya

Innovators are not weird.
Just different.

Eccentric thinking is not weird.
Just different.

Unorthodox processes are not weird.
Just different.

Nonconformist behavior is not weird.
Just different.

Doers act and doodlers watch—both are fine.
Just different.

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward.

– Steve Jobs

Mobileyes Consulting can guide you and your team as you create real, disruptive innovation within your organization.

If you are ready for the journey.

Are you ready to have your ideas really challenged?

Are you ready to park your ego and leave your coat and tie in the closet?

Are you ready to keep pushing when that little voice tells you to give up?

Are you ready for the transformational journey of your life?

You never change things by fighting existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

– Buckminster Fuller

This is the Diffusion of Innovation curve:

You want to be an innovator. You want to be in the 2.5%.

But are you ready for that battle?

If you want to be in the 2.5%

  • Find three of your most reliable and like-minded supporters.
  • Add another two people you can never seem to agree with.
  • Buy a good supply of Post-Its and Sharpies. Restock the k-cups.
  • Set aside one morning per week for the next three months.
  • Open your mind to possibilities that you never imagined.
  • Join our Skunkworks 2.5 training program.

Skunkworks 2.5

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